How to Water Houseplants

Watering houseplants can be confusing. Here are some tricks and tips to keep your plants healthy!

Water Thoroughly: When watering add as much water as necessary to get a constant flow out of the drainage holes of your pot. You may want to bring your plant to a basin, sink or tub to catch the runoff. Once there is a constant flow, fill up the pot with water one or two more times and let it drain.
Remove Excess Water: Once your plant has finished draining empty the tray or saucer of excess water. This allows the roots to breathe and helps prevent mold and fungus gnats.
Start a Schedule: Many plants do not mind drying out between waterings. It helps to pick one day a week to water your plants. This will help keep them from getting over watered.
*Some plants like Cacti and Succulents NEED to dry out between waterings. They may not need to be watered for several weeks at a time.