Alfresco Fountain

Add a Fountain to your Garden

Whether you want a small fountain for a tabletop, a melodic bubbler you can enjoy in the evenings or a tranquil flowing water feature, moving water is a great way to enhance your home.

Have You Seen Our Gift Shop?

Discover over 11,000 sq feet of home and garden decor! Wander room after room of pottery, statuary, garden art, fountains and giftware. And don’t forget to stop by in November and December when we transform everything for Christmas!

Enhance Your Yard with Trees and Shrubs

The Gardener’s Choice sells a variety of trees, both deciduous and evergreen, and woody shrubs to provide structure and shape to your garden. From eye-catching focal accents to tall, deep green privacy screens to border plantings, you’ll find a wide…

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Colorful Pansies

Brighten your patio with colorful pansies and violas!

Outdoor Ceramic Pots

With one of Portland’s top selections of pottery you’ll find hundreds of containers to show off your favorite plants.

Tillandsias Galore

These fun “Air Plants” are easy to care for and don’t require any soil.

Bamboo Fountains

Turn any bowl into a water feature with our bamboo fountains. Choose your favorite then add a water bowl and some river rocks to complete the look.

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Alfresco Fountain

Alfresco Fountain

One of our most popular fountains the Alfresco combines convenient size with giant sound. Twelve streams of water combine to create a delightful murmur¬†easily worthy of a fountain twice its size. Use it to camouflage less appealing sounds like traffic…

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Beautiful Glass Globes

Enjoy vibrant colored globes from local artist Andrew Holmberg!

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