Caring for Cactus & Succulents

Cactus and Succulents make fun, funky additions to your houseplant collection. Use these tips and tricks to help keep them happy and healthy.

Let them Dry Out: Cacti, as a rule, must dry out between waterings. During the summer, when it is hot, they may need water every two weeks. When cool winter months hit reduce watering to once a month or less. Succulents will need water about once a week in summer and every two weeks in winter.
Don’t Get the Leaves Wet: Succulents and cacti generally do not enjoy misting or any water getting on their leaves or stems. Try to keep them dry.
Water them Thoroughly: When you water add as much water as necessary to get a constant flow out of the drainage holes in the pot. You may want to bring your plant to a basin, sink or tub to catch the runoff. DO NOT let your cacti or succulent sit in water.
Small Pots are Best: Most succulents do not mind having their roots crowded. This means that when repotting them you want to either keep the same size pot or go just slightly larger.
Light: Most types of cacti and succulents do best with very bright light and benefit from a few hours of direct sunlight a day.